Jack Wilson (10)

What’s the secret password?

At VISR, in order to connect to a child’s social media channel, their credentials (username and password) must be obtained and entered. We encourage that this be an open conversation with your child to talk about internet safety and to connect accounts together.

Easier said than done, however. This is one of the most common questions we get from parents who are seeking advice on how to obtain passwords from their kids.

We 100% understand this dilemma between wanting to keep your kids safe but also respecting their privacy. This is constant balancing act.

So we turned to our founder and CEO who has personally talked to thousands of parents over the past 2 years and who is also the father of 4 girls to see how he handles this predicament.

Robert S. Reichmann:


Especially if your child is a teen or pre-teen – after a fair amount of freedom – it can be difficult for a child to become comfortable with any sort of oversight – no matter how much effort we put in on their behalf.


It’s a delicate balance when it comes to our children and technology. On one hand, we want to allow them their space to explore, and not invade on their privacy on the other, we recognize that kids are just kids – and as we’ve come to learn – often don’t even recognize when issues may be happening.


Kids and teens today face an unprecedented number of dangers and threats. Inexperience makes it far more common than we think for children to not recognize the potential danger of their activities or others activities towards them.

Most often on our system we’re detecting issues that children had no idea were potential issues including a 12 year old girl who sent a photo of herself in pajamas to a boy in her class. When her mother found out, it prompted a conversation about what it means to share photos. When the girl showed her mother later that she’d deleted the photo, the mother explained how the friend she’d sent it to still had it. This was a fantastic learning experience, and what VISR is really all about.

So be open, honest, receptive and understanding. Your kids will understand where you are coming from and will be willing to share more than you think.