Jack Wilson (8)

Recipes that provoke conversation

Sometimes it’s hard to talk to your kids. They express themselves differently, say things that don’t make sense, are emotional or just don’t say anything at all. So when it comes to talking to your kids about online safety and best digital practices, it can be hard and often met with a lot of eye-rolling on their part.

We’ve found that one of the most effective ways to talk to kids about this subject is by sprinkling it into everyday conversation, perhaps while doing chores or on the way to school.

One idea that we particularly like is to talk to your kids while doing an activity like cooking. Here are our favourite family recipes we enjoy preparing together:


This is so simple and kids can choose the ingredients they wish to eat on pizza. Here are 10 easy, kid-friendly pizza recipes.

Want to change things up? To keep things simple, we love to substitute pita bread or tortilla flats for pizza dough.


What’s cuter than baking a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies together? Only being able to eat them together afterwards!

Try the Nestle Toll-House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe – it’s our all time favourite!


After pizza and cookies, you’ll want to wash it down with a refreshing glass of homemade lemonade. Our tried and true recipe is this delicious fool proof pink lemonade courtesy of Martha Stewart.


Happy cooking chef and little chef!