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New Release: Alert Preferences

Today we are rolling out a new feature that will allow you to see more of what you care about and less of what you don’t care about, our new Alert Preferences.

Less alerts, more insights (1)

We decided to release this feature because we want to make the VISR experience as personalized to your family as it can be. We want you to see more relevant alerts and less false alarms (alerts which VISR detects, which are not real issues to you).

You can now go to Alert Preferences to view and adjust your personal level of sensitivity to our various alerts, including: explicit language, mental health concerns, bullying, sexual content, nudity, safety concerns, health concerns, substance use, violence, concerning content, legal concerns, embarrassing content, and posts with locations.

You can find this section by following the instructions below:

1. From the VISR app to go to the menu
2. Select ‘Child Settings’
3. Select the child you’d like to view/adjust alerts for
4. Scroll down and click ‘Alert Preferences’
5. View and adjust which alerts are most important to you

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What feature are you looking forward to VISR releasing next? Let us know in the comments.