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New Feature: Introducing Insights

Today we’re releasing a brand new feature: Insights. Insights offers a new view into your child’s state of being. Instead of just showing alerts, were taking a step back to show you the bigger picture, giving you a broader view of alerts over time, as well as changes in behaviors and much more.

Learn more about the 3 new Insights we’re releasing today, we hope they will help you understand the bigger picture when it comes to your child’s well-being.

  1. Mood over time

We’re providing you with information around your child’s positive moods over time. We’re offering a month-by-month breakdown of how many posts your child have that were positive in nature, helping you understand shifts in their mood over time.

  1. Alerts over time

We are now providing you with data around how many alerts we’ve tracked for your child each month.

  1. Alerts by social media channel

Is your child having more alerts on Facebook vs. Youtube? Now, you’ll see a convenient breakdown of which social media channels most VISR alerts occur on.

You can find these new sights at the top of your inbox starting today.