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Dr. Wendy Walsh discusses secret Facebook groups on CNN

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Relationship expert Dr. Wendy Walsh joined CNN last night to discuss secret Facebook groups and address concerns parents may have with their kids participating them. Wendy gives some great advice for parents worried about their kids social media activity, including:

  • Parents should be consistent, parenting both offline and online
  • Teach digital etiquette at an early age
  • Be in the online village with your child, friend them, know who they friend – just like you would in the real world
  • Online groups are not always a bad thing, they can be helpful to kids and teens, a place to find like-minded people to help develop a healthy sense of self

Wendy also mentioned VISR, our technology, which she uses with her 12-year-old daughter. You can try VISR free here.

You can view the full segment here.