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New Feature: Introducing Insights

Today we’re releasing a brand new feature: Insights. Insights offers a new view into your child’s state of being. Instead of just showing alerts, were taking a step back to show you the bigger picture, giving you a broader view of alerts over time, as well as changes in behaviors and much more. Learn more about the 3 new Insights we’re releasing today, we hope … Continue reading New Feature: Introducing Insights

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We’re stepping up our fight against bullying

We’re getting better at identifying bullying in your child’s social media activity. Today we are releasing a new level of bullying classifiers, this release uses a new upgraded system which will do a better job of finding instances of bullying. Our new system is not simply looking for direct bullying, we programmed it to find instances of kids defending bullying, supporting bullies, and talking about bullying events that … Continue reading We’re stepping up our fight against bullying

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Managing a Minecraft Obsession

Last month, Mojang, the studio that created Minecraft announced that it has sold over 100 million copies of the video game. Chances are if your child is 6 or older, they have played or are still playing Minecraft. And when they are not playing Minecraft? They’re likely watching a YouTube video of someone playing Minecraft along with millions of others. Minecraft is huge! But what … Continue reading Managing a Minecraft Obsession